The continuing voyages of HMS SURPRISE

“The greatest historical novelist of all time” is a wholly appropriate description applied many years ago to the author Patrick O’Brian. When he died in 2000 he left us with his sublime series of twenty novels (and one which was incomplete) about the voyages of HMS SURPRISE, majoring on the very believable firm friendship and adventures of two utterly remarkable characters: Captain Jack Aubrey and ship’s surgeon Doctor Stephen Maturin. They are such brilliant novels that their appeal and interest long endures; indeed, it grows with many subsequent readings. However, the aspiration for and appeal of fresh adventures can never be ignored, but unfortunately such can never be satisfied by the master himself. Hence, in a mind meld of reckless optimism and mild desperation, I decided to embark upon my own literary endeavours to see what might be found, what could be written, and here are the results, a series of novels with characters which the lover of O’Brian’s stories will surely warm to. I have, myself, hugely enjoyed the creative voyage, and I sincerely hope that you too will come aboard to find similar pleasure. My historical novels are founded upon the continuing voyages of HMS Surprise – not the 28-gun ship of 1796 in Patrick O’Brian’s series (nor her crew) but the later, 38-gun, Leda-class frigate of 1812. Within my books I have endeavoured to find and recreate the essential style, flavour and spirit of O’Brian’s own marvels. Come aboard, dear reader, quickly now, there is not a moment to be lost.