The Fireships of Gerontas is launched as an ebook

I am very pleased to announce that the second book in my series is live, available on Amazon kindle. A print copy will come along over the summer for those traditionalists (like me) who prefer paper and a sparkling good cover!

The story, I believe, is essentially one of people, people involved in and finding the truth of the uncomfortable, not to say downright frightening reality of war and its corrosive effects on minds and friendships.

I really strived hard on this one, and I hope readers will contemplate and appreciate the – will I say – small ‘diversion’ from the norm of a “ripping good yarn”.

It’s back now to the keyboard / coalface for the third book; writing has been underway on and off for a little while, and I hope it will emerge early next year.

In the meantime, please do let me know your opinions on the second one, and if you do enjoy it then a review posted in any of the usual places is really appreciated.